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Inosys Fresher Driver


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New candidates can register on this link- today!!

Test Link


30th January 2022 


10:00AM, 30th January 2022 to 11:00AM, 31st January 2022


3 Hours


Online Proctored Assessment

The test link will be active from 30th January 2022, 10:00AM to 31stJanuary 2022 , 11:00AM.

After you login please enter the below details before you start the actual test.

Candidate Reference number – 123456


This is an online assessment and would need an INTERNET Connection

This assessment has 3 Questions (All are Mandatory)

Webcam should be SWITCHED ON Mandatorily throughout the Assessment.(If the Webcam is not turned on / blank the Assessment will be invalid)

Assessment Duration – 3 Hours 

Do not toggle from the Assessment page.

Please note that the assessment once started cannot be restarted nor would there be any additional opportunity given.



You can write the code using any of the below languages.

C/ C++/ Java

Do not allow anyone to sit with you or near you while taking the Assessment

Questions for which you write programs or define logic in functions to produce the expected output.

Do not toggle as this will be considered as Plagiarism

Install and use the latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox browsers to take your Hackerrank assessments. 

Webcam should be proper while taking Assessments if it’s turned off / blank the test will be invalid

Ensure that you have an uninterrupted internet and power supply to avoid problems during the assessments. 

In Hacker Rank’s  assessments, submitting answers copied from books, websites, sources from the internet, etc. are identified as plagiarism. 

 Your Tests can be proctored. We recommend using a web camera-enabled computer to take the Test. 

These along with any attempts by candidates to seek help from other individuals or replicating other's answers during the assessments is considered malpractice and will lead to disqualification

Assessment team can check for Proctoring Tests, Plagiarism detectors for code submissions. 

 Should not use Mobile while taking Assessments

 By default if you lost the connection in between the Assessment you can still re-login but the time will run

 Candidates have to complete the Assessment in the given time limit.

 Drop an email immediately with screenshot if he / she face any issues in between the test.